However, it seems that not everyone receives support when they need it most. A month ago, Reddit user Steady-Sailing3898 created a post on the AITA subreddit about how she finally made a doctor's appointment to deal with her ongoing health problems. To her surprise, her husband canceled it behind her back because he needed her to host a dinner party for him and his friends. Find out, only from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson! He desires her more than any other woman. But falling in love isn't part of the plan. The arrangement is simple: a two-week getaway, then a marriage of convenience. Until Garth Outlaw's potential bride is a no-show. Will this billionaire bachelor say “I do” to love? Find out, only from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson! He desires. Couples really are not that different from each other. There are common needs most men and women bring to a marriage in order to make the marriage the best it can be. We may use different terms, but the needs remain relatively similar from marriage to marriage. While this is based on my observations they seem to resonate with many couples.

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